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Lapland Lights is a characterful house located in beautiful, natural surroundings right by the border - meaning you can experience the best activities and attractions of both Swedish and Finnish Lapland.

The house

Lapland Lights is a traditional timber cottage, built at the turn of the 20th century. Inside it has been fully redecorated (as of autumn 2019) with a brand new kitchen and bathroom. But we've kept most of the original features and quirks that made us fall in love with it in the first place. We hope you'll find it a cosy home-from-home within the Arctic Circle.

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The river

The garden goes all the way up to the water, where a small river called Kuittasjoki connects the lake (Kuittasjärvi) to the region's major river, the Torne.
Just opposite the house there is even a tiny island to explore if you can find a way to get to it!

The lake

The lake is an incredibly beautiful, natural and peaceful place. Calm and mirror-like in summer, frozen over in winter, with glorious sunsets all year round.

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Image by Les Anderson

The village

Lapland Lights is located in Svanstein, a small village nestled between the river Torne to the east (which acts as the border between Finland and Sweden) and beautiful wooded mountains to the west. Svanstein has its own ski centre but is still a quiet place, and Lapland Lights is on a very private plot away from the main village.

The Arctic Circle

Lapland Lights is just 10km north of the Arctic Circle - make sure you pay it a visit and take some photos! You can't miss the flags, and there is a small restaurant and gift shop there too.

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Image by Saad Chaudhry

The region

Svanstein is in Övertorneå Municipality. The river Torne runs down the whole eastern border of the municipality, separating it from Finland. But in winter the frozen river connects rather than separates the two countries, and in the past they have been as one. The region even has its own dialect, Meänkieli, spoken on both sides of the river. Övertorneå is in the Heart of Lapland area of Swedish Lapland.

Local shops

Places to eat

  • Just across the road, our neighbour Svanstein Lodge has a bar and an à-la-carte restaurant.

  • During skiing season, Svanstein Ski Resort is a good option if you want to eat nearby. It has a cafe/bar area and a restaurant that normally has a buffet and fast food cooked-to-order.

  • Just a few minutes down the road in Juoksengi you can eat right on the Arctic Circle at Polcirkelhuset - the opening times and cuisine varies seasonally so best to get in touch first.

  • Reindeer-themed restaurant and shop Pörröporo is just across the border in Finland.

  • A little further away, Huuva Hideaway is well worth the 45-minute drive, offering unique food experiences, both indoor and outdoor. 

This is just a selection - search online for more places to shop and eat. It is always worth confirming in advance that restaurants are open, especially in summer.

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