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Getting here

We are located just off Highway 99, the road that follows the mighty Torne River as it winds its way through the heart of Lapland. There are six airports within easy reach. With breathtaking scenery, long open roads and hardly any traffic, the drive from the airport is not part of your journey, it's part of your holiday. Watch out for reindeer on the way, and if it's dark, keep your eyes peeled for the Northern Lights!

Local airports and distances

COVID-19 UPDATE: before booking a trip to Lapland you should check that your trip will be allowed under the latest coronavirus measures. You should check your own country's travel advice, and additionally with the Swedish authorities and, if you plan to travel to or via Finland, the Finnish Border Guard.

Rovaniemi is the closest and most convenient airport and also has the best selection of international flights, especially during winter. If you have children, using Rovaniemi also gives you the chance to build a visit to Santa into your holiday! (Rovaniemi is his official home town.)

If you decide to use Kiruna, you can pay a visit to the original Ice Hotel whilst you are there; and if you choose Kittilä you can visit the Finnish equivalent - the Snow Village.

  • Rovaniemi (Finland) - 1h 29m - 79 miles

  • Kemi-Tornio (Finland) - 1h 36m - 81 miles

  • Kittilä (Finland) - 1h 55m - 97 miles

  • Luleå (Sweden) - 2h 11m - 118 miles

  • Gällivare (Sweden) - 2h 25m - 135 miles

  • Kiruna (Sweden) - 2h 55m - 156

You can find more information about reaching Swedish Lapland - by air, rail and road - on the following websites:

If you want to make a stop on your journey to get some supplies, check out this information about local shops.

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